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Steve Porter and PorterHouse Media on the Front Page of

Big props to PH Media founder Steve Porter today, Chris Walsh, writer for had this to say:

“As the NBA conference finals wind down and the 2010 championship finals take shape, the league has rolled out the last piece of its “Amazing Is…” postseason campaign which was pulled together with the help of DJ Steve Porter and the NBA’s ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.”

The full article can be read here.

Coachella 2010 Wrap-Up

PorterHouse Media along with Steve Porter & Perry Farrell had an AMAZING experience at this year’s Coachella Festival.

Steve Porter: Performing with Perry was amazing! I had to pinch myself because I have so much respect for him and was into Jane’s Addiction when I was ten years old. We had a blast, I mixed between tracks he was performing live and tracks that I had produced. We’ll be performing again at Lollapalooza in August, and we’ll be debuting some new original material then as well.

Steve Porter & Perry Farrell at Coachella 2010 (Photo by Jason Lobel)

Check out more of what Steve told The Huffington Post  here.

PorterHouse Media Launches Showcase Website


HOLYOKE, MA – Porterhouse Media is pleased to announce the launch of their website, Designed to be a showcase of current and prior cutting-edge multimedia work; a “go-to” place for clients, past, present and future; and portal to the company’s social networking outlets.

PorterHouse Media is the brainchild of prominent music producer, Steve Porter. Founded in 2009 after a series of innovative and viral blockbuster audio-visual productions such as “Slap Chop Rap” and “Press Hop,” with over 13 million views on YouTube alone to date. PorterHouse Media has been contracted to produce stimulating, current, eye-catching content for top clients such as ABC, Showtime, VH1, and NBC to name a few. As PorterHouse Media’s signature creations catch hold on worldwide mainstream audiences, the demand for unique, quality productions has increased ten-fold in the past six months alone.

PorterHouse Media is a boutique mixed media production facility headquartered in Holyoke Massachuetts, founded by Steve Porter in 2009, and is a part of the PorterHouse brand, which also includes PH Recordings.

All inquiries can be submitted to info (at)