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5 Thoughts you have during a Facebook Live session

The social streaming world is ever evolving and seems to have gotten kicked into high-gear within the past few years. At the touch of your fingers you can livestream video to your followers on popular websites like YouTube, Periscope, and Facebook. If you have a phone with a camera, microphone, and internet (which now-a-days who doesn’t?), with the push of a button you can share sights and sounds with your friends or fans. After trying live-streaming for both personal and professional use, I’ve noticed a few common thoughts that occurred during both streams:

Will people actually watch this?

The most essential part of live streaming is viewers, without them you have no comments, and no comments basically means talking to yourself for an extended period of time.

Am I going to get unfriended for giving people yet another LIVE notification?

Since Facebook released Live for all users, there’s been a constant flow of notifications. When I think someone liked my new profile picture, it’s really just my grade school friend, Joe, live streaming for the 6th time today while he walks his dog. Not cool, Joe. #UNFRIEND

I wonder if everyone can see that pimple on my chin..

How good is this iPhones quality? Is anybody actually listening to what I’m saying or are they distracted by my acne?

What happens if nobody comments?

Depending on if you’re going Live to promote your company, promote yourself, or just for your own personal entertainment, having a successful Live session could depend heavily on receiving comments from viewers. If nobody is sending in comments you are losing out on the huge opportunity for interaction that Live offers and also you could find yourself feeling awkward sitting there talking to yourself.

Who is actually watching this?

It says I have 12 live viewers, that could just be all of my older relatives who aren’t sure what they clicked on and don’t know how to get out of it.

5 Times PorterHouse Media Dominated the Basketball World

In the midst of all the drama of the 2016 NBA playoffs, DJ Steve Porter and PorterHouse Media have a viral video on their hands. We are taking this time to look back at other times that PorterHouse Media was able to capture the beauty of the sport of basketball in videos. See the viral 2016 NBA video, which was featured on ESPN’s Sports Nation, featuring Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder along with 5 other videos that prove PorterHouse Media and basketball go hand in hand.

PorterHouse created the “Duke Worldwide” mash-up for the 2015 NCAA Tournament winners.

We know it takes clutch shots and determination to get on top.

Along the way you have to have some sweet dunks.

All of this comes together to take you on the journey of the game.