DJ Steve Porter’s PorterHouse Media Commissioned by ABC News Now To Create Presidential Campaign Video Mashup

DJ Steve Porter’s Porterhouse Media Commissioned by ABC News Now To Create Presidential Campaign Video Mashups

“Take America Back” Video Also Airing On Yahoo! News

(March 23, 2012) — ESPN, Hyundai, IBM, Wheaties, FedEx. . . now add “Presidential Campaigns” to the growing list of varied arenas Porterhouse Media has added its creative flair.

ABC News Now, a multi-platform news source for ABC News, commissioned PHM, a full-service video production company run by world-renowned master video remixer DJ Steve Porter, to create a mashup video highlighting the first and second month of the U.S. Presidential campaign.

And the initial reception has been met with rave reviews.

The January 2:30 creation – entitled “Take America Back” – features current Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, along with former candidates Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, and highlights from their various speeches, debates and appearances on the campaign trail.  Porter then added his unique trademark of fast cutting video and music to create a captivating visual wordplay aimed at challenging President Barack Obama in this November’s general election.

The video is now airing at:

ABC News Now also provides content to Yahoo! News, one of the most widely-read online news sites in the world.  The video is also airing here:

The February 1:55 creation – entitled “Rise Up” – was used to end the live coverage of ABC News “Super Tuesday” online broadcast. The mashup features the four candidates that continued the 2012 race; Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, and introduces Barak Obama.  The piece focuses on singing, debating and claiming who is the best candidate to run against Obama.

The video can be viewed here:

“This was something different for us, and we had such a blast putting it together,” said Porter.  “As we all know, politicians are walking, talking sound-bites, so we had a wealth of terrific video to work with, and definitely tried to have fun with highlighting the ever-changing landscape of these types of races”.

ABC News Now is a 24-hour news channel offered via digital television, broadband and streaming video at, as well as on mobile phones. It delivers breaking news, headline news each half hour, and a wide range of entertainment and lifestyle programs.  Also available in Europe, ABC News Now also has a “Talk Back” feature which allows viewers to voice their own input through the submission of videos and personal thoughts on controversial issues and current topics.

Porterhouse Media also works with other Disney-owned entities ESPN, ABC Television, Disney World and Disneyland.

Porter and PorterHouse Media has long had a unique ability to bridge messaging with music in creating unique, engaging, and eye-catching music-video compositions, also producing work for IBM, FedEx, NBC, ABC, VH1, E! Television, Wheaties, Puma, Lotus Notes, Hyundai, Maxim, Mighty Fine Burgers, the NBA world champion Dallas Mavericks, and many others.


PorterHouse Media is a full service multi-media production company headquartered in Holyoke, Mass., and with offices in Los Angeles and Toronto.  Its mission is to deliver high quality entertainment through unique audio and visual compositions.  Founder DJ Steve Porter is one of the world’s most noted master video remixers, and has been credited with being the pioneer in this field. On the cutting edge of viral marketing and advertisement, PorterHouse Media offers spontaneous word of mouth enthusiasm.  PorterHouse Media has created a fresh and exciting marketplace to reinvent the “cool factor” of any company or brand. For more information; Online: / Twitter: @porterhousemdia / Facebook:

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