PorterHouse Media Launches Showcase Website


HOLYOKE, MA – Porterhouse Media is pleased to announce the launch of their website, www.porterhousemedia.com. Designed to be a showcase of current and prior cutting-edge multimedia work; a “go-to” place for clients, past, present and future; and portal to the company’s social networking outlets.

PorterHouse Media is the brainchild of prominent music producer, Steve Porter. Founded in 2009 after a series of innovative and viral blockbuster audio-visual productions such as “Slap Chop Rap” and “Press Hop,” with over 13 million views on YouTube alone to date. PorterHouse Media has been contracted to produce stimulating, current, eye-catching content for top clients such as ABC, Showtime, VH1, and NBC to name a few. As PorterHouse Media’s signature creations catch hold on worldwide mainstream audiences, the demand for unique, quality productions has increased ten-fold in the past six months alone.

PorterHouse Media is a boutique mixed media production facility headquartered in Holyoke Massachuetts, founded by Steve Porter in 2009, and is a part of the PorterHouse brand, which also includes PH Recordings.

All inquiries can be submitted to info (at) porterhousemedia.com.