PorterHouse Media Returns To AFV With A Tribute To Tom Bergeron!

afv_logoHolyoke, MA, April 3rd, 2015 — America’s Funniest Home Videos knows there is no other way to commemorate beloved host Tom Bergeron than with a signature PorterHouse Media mashup! This next DJ Steve Porter and PorterHouse production is dedicated to Bergeron and will celebrate the TV personality’s 13 year streak as the stand-up host of AFV. Bergeron began the show in 2001 and has since expanded his entertainment talent as the host of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.

DJ Steve Porter’s first remix for AFV, called “Turn That Camera Off,” aired on the ABC network in 2013 and features hilarious clips from various AFV episodes. This time around, instead of combining segments from AFV’s videos, PorterHouse Media is turning the camera around on the one who provided the witty narrations we’ve so easily come to love. This production will be dedicated to Tom’s most memorable moments as the engaging host of ABC’s longest running primetime television show. PorterHouse Media, a proud Massachusetts-originated company is looking forward to producing a hit mashup for Tom, a fellow Massachusetts native.

Keep an eye out for the final product of this celebratory remix, set to debut during Tom’s final episode. Best wishes Mr. Bergeron!