Suze Orman Featured In Porterhouse Media’s Latest Mash-Up

a95bd001ffa37d730acae1cdc5f83d04What better way to celebrate the end of an era than with a PorterHouse Mashup?! The #SuzeMashUp was produced by DJ Steve Porter and PorterHouse Media and has taken the Internet by storm. The video will air during The Suze Orman Show’s series finale at 9pm ET on March 28th.

The feisty financial guru, author and motivational speaker has chosen to wrap up her successful run with CNBC with a celebratory remix for her fans. Orman’s best monetary quotes and advice are packed into this minute and a half long custom video. The clips were selected so that the final combination perfectly captures Orman’s passion for her role as an assertive finance expert.

The Suze Orman Show first aired on CNBC in 2002, eventually becoming the channel’s highest-rated show on Saturdays. For 12 years, Orman has been guiding people in the right direction on topics ranging from prenups to rent payments. As for the next step in her career, Orman is currently working on a new show called ‘Money Wars’ with Telepictures, in which she will be settling financial arguments between family and friends.

Tune into The Suze Orman Show tomorrow and keep an eye out for the finale’s many surprises including the television debut of PorterHouse Media’s #SuzeMashUp.

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